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Aforôti - Afoheat - Licensed to grill

Rotative grill

The Aforôti is an alternative to the traditional "rôtissage" to grill ham, meat, chicken ... logs. It is an innovative concept to grill those products in a continuous way, working on the well known Afoheat Infrared technology in combination with the traditional convection heat. The product makes even a horizontal movement as a rotating movement and can have the label of " rôti à la broche". If your products have different shapes ( round, square, oval,…) , the  cages can be easily adapted to other shapes.

The Aforôti has 4 parameters:

  • Speed of the belt
  • Number of rotations the cages can make in the Infrared zone
  • Power of every single burner ( flame length and power)
  • Convectional heat inside by PID regulation

Advantages and USP’s:

  • Short grilling times ⇒ no increasing of the core temperature
  • Minimum weight loss
  • Low energy consumption ⇒ due to the Afoheat pre-mix burner control
  • Belt width and cages up to more than 1000mm
  • Multiple products ⇒ by setting the parameters
  • Oven has no heat radiation due to the fully insulated construction
  • Equipped with a fat separator to avoid fire in the tubes, as well as to avoid smell.
  • High Hygienic Design
  • Different types ( shapes) of cages can be used in the same machine if your portfolio requires so.

  Options available: 

  • Trolley for easy cleaning and carrying the cages
  • Spraying unit for liquids like caramel, oil, paprika flavor, ……