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Afomarker - Afoheat - Licensed to grill


The Afomarker gives creates on the  products the natural marks from grilling. Using this particular burner technology permits very accurate settings of the temperature for the rings. Also the rings are floatable, this avoids damage to the product surface.

The Afomarker  has 3 parameters:

  • Speed of the belt
  • Height regulation of Afomarker per mm in relation to the height of the conveyor
  • Temperature setting of the rings. Up to 700°C homogenous and consistent.

Advantages and USP’s:

  • Afomarker always follows the line speed, any capacity possible. ( up to 20m/min)
  • Low energy consumption ⇒ due to the Afoheat pre-mix burner control
  • Belt widths of 300, 600,  1000mm or even customized
  • Floatable rings ⇒ avoids damage to the product surface
  • Different widths of the rings possible
  • Multiple products ⇒ by setting the parameters
  • Conveyor is removable ⇒ easy cleaning and easy maintenance
  • Products can be entered cooked, chilled or even frozen
  • Can be installed before or after different cooking equipment
  • Oven has no heat radiation due to the fully insulated construction
  • High Hygienic Design
  • Taylor made ovens
  • Stand alone or in line with Afogrill/Afoflame
  • Interchangeable with the drum technology

Options available:

  • Brush on the belt as continuous washing system with reduced water consumption.
  • “ Easy Transfer “ belt ⇒ no sticking to the conveyor and easy transfer to conveyors   behind
  • “Télé Service” ⇒ software assistance by internet
  • Fat separator on top to take away fat from the exhaust air



  • Afogrill

    Afogrill - Afoheat - Licensed to grill

    Multiple products can be processed with the Afogrill, both bulk and convenience products. The Afogrill combines two methods of heat transfer when grilling or roasting meat, fish, vegetables, bakery or fish  products, namely infrared radiation complemented by classic convective heat. Both

  • Afoflame

    Afoflame - Afoheat - Licensed to grill

    The Afoflame is a continuous grill oven equipped with a  gas-powered direct flame technology instead of the traditional infrared technology. At the same time, it preserves the concept and numerous advantages of the Afogrill.

    The Afoflame  has 4 parameters:

  • Afosearer

    Afosearer - Afoheat - Licensed to grill

    The Afosearer is a brand new development of Afoheat. To respond to the demand of our  customers, we developed a gas powered flame oven based on the principle of the Afoflame,  but in a very short version. As extra advantages you have the opportunity to integrate the  barmarking

  • Afowok

    Afowok - Afoheat - Licensed to grill


    Coming Soon