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Poultry: the most consumed protein in the world

Poultry is worldwide the most consumed protein product, due to a neutral taste and no cultural barriers. Poultry  is ideal for grilling-roasting-searing or bar marking. Poultry can be served as appetizer, snack, meal component,…… . To respond to the trend of low fat, we offer the ideal solution to upgrade your poultry products without frying.

Why using Afoheat for industrial grilling-roasting-searing - barmarking  your poultry:

  1. Improving the yields in comparison to traditional technologies
  2. Extremely low gas consumption
  3. The Afoheat equipment is multifunctional due to the settings of 4 different parameters as speed conveyor, height conveyor, power of the burner and convectional temperature in the oven.
  4. Continuous production process
  5. Choose between Infrared and Flame technology, depending on the result requiring.

Some characteristics typical for poultry:

  1. Extremely efficient on filet, thigh, wings, drums, patties, sausages, logs……. ⇒ nice color on 1 our 2 sides in 30-45 seconds without “burning”
  2. We avoid “ bubbles “ during roasting or grilling due to the different settings possible
  3. Decreasing weight losses.
  4. Can be combined with different cooki ng solutions as steam, hot air, contact, impingement, …..
  5. Most recommended technology if the cooking process is sous-vide ⇒ seal first, than cook
  6. Input from raw or cooked meat products , chilled or frozen
  7. Plain, marinated, injected, tumbled,……..all kind of products can be grilled ⇒ different settings possible
  8. Extension available for bar marking or grill stripes, in line and continuous.