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Fish: becomes a “ healthy” competitor for meat in the daily food consumption

Fish is getting more and more its role to play in our daily food consumption. In area’s as Asia and the Middle East, fish has always been an important part of the daily food behavior. Per last 10 years , USA and Europe also learns to appreciate more and more the taste of fish. The fish consumption in those areas increases tremendously. The ecological footprint of fish is far not that high as for meat, also the low fat content, makes fish is getting more and more popular.  It’s very logical industrial producers also wants to create added value to fish products, they also want to sear-roast-grill or barmark. Also to this niche market, Afoheat provides equipment to do so.

Why using Afoheat for industrial grilling-roasting-searing – bar marking  your fish:

  1. Improving the yields in comparison to traditional technologies
  2. Extremely low gas consumption
  3. The Afoheat equipment is multifunctional due to the settings of 4 different parameters as speed conveyor, height conveyor, power of the burner and convectional temperature in the oven.
  4. Continuous production process
  5. Choose between Infrared and Flame technology, depending on the result requiring.

Some characteristics typical for fish:

  1. Extremely efficient on white fish, salmon, tuna, patties, burgers, shrimps……. ⇒ nice color on 1 or 2 sides in 30-60 seconds without “burning”
  2. Decreasing weight losses.
  3. Can be combined with different cooki ng solutions as steam, hot air, contact, impingement, …..
  4. Most recommended technology if the cooking process is sous-vide ⇒ seal first, than cook
  5. Input from raw or cooked meat products , chilled or frozen
  6. Plain, marinated, injected, tumbled,……..all kind of products can be grilled ⇒ different settings possible
  7. Extension available for bar marking or grill stripes, in line and continuous