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Bakery: Afoheat provides the bakery industry with equipment for some very specific but necessary applications

Although are roots are in proteins , Afoheat has some equipment for very specific  applications in the bakery sector.

Why using Afoheat for industrial grilling-roasting-searing – bar marking  your bakery:

  1. Improving the yields in comparison to traditional technologies
  2. Extremely low gas consumption
  3. The Afoheat equipment is multifunctional due to the settings of 4 different parameters as speed conveyor, height conveyor, power of the burner and convectional temperature in the oven.
  4. Continuous production process
  5. Choose between Infrared and Flame technology, depending on the result requiring.

Some characteristics typical for vegetables:

  1. Barmarking on bakery products like toast, Panini,…..
  2. Unmolding of ice cakes and frozen “ fonds “
  3. Melting sugar or caramelizing sugar like “ crème brûlée”
  4. Melting cheese on various products